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Care and Cleaning of your Corsets


Do not put your corset in the washer or dryer.


Your corset is made of several materials including metal, plastic and different types of fabrics. If the metal in your corset gets wet, it will rust. If your corset has delicate fabric or detailing, it could tear.


So here are the ways you can clean and care for your corset to cut down on cost of cleaning and replacement:


  • If possible wear something under your corset; tank top, camisole, tube top, slip, tee-shirt or some other type of clothing. By wearing something under your corset you will have a barrer between your corset and your body, this will help battle anything from sweat to oil to scents from your body transfering to your corset leading to frequent dry cleaning.


  • If you do spill something on your corset or your corset seems to need a bit of cleaning, take it to a reputable dry cleaner. Ask if they know how to clean corsets and if so then feel free to have it cleaned and brought back home.


  • When you go to remove your corset, make sure you complely unlace your corset, open the laces at the back completely before removing the corset. When its removed, hang the corset over a chair and let it dry if it is damp from sweat. Make sure you keep your corset out of direct sunlight. This can cause fading in the material of your corset.


  • When storing your corset hold the corset so each side is lined up with the other, roll the corset from the back (where the laces are) to the front where the busk is. Store your corsets rolled up or store them on a hanger with the laces in the middle. 


With proper wear and care, beside courtsey of an accident you shouldn't need to clean your corset more than once or twice a year.


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