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Wearing Your New Corset


When you first get your corset, completely open up the corset. This means taking your laces and evenly opening them up so there is no slack in the laces.


After you want to find the top and bottom of the corset. look for garter loops and look for tags. Your corset may also have garment hanger loops as well. These things can help you determine if your corset is right side up or not.


Once you have your corset going in the right direction, place the corset around your waist.


If your corset has a busk, start with connecting the second stay and loop first and go down to the bottom and close he first stay and loop last.

The stays are the tiny knobs that run down the front of your corset. they fit neatly into the loops and keep your corset closed.


Now it is time to lace your corset. If your corset is brand new, it needs to break in. Properly breaking in a corset starts with lacing your corset until it is just snug against your body. This means just lacing yourself or having someone lace your corset until it presses against your body but doesn't squeeze you.


Because corsets are boned with metal, to properly shape it to your body you need to warm the metal to allow it to flex and stay. 


Wear your corset laced snuggly for about an hour and then tighten it a bit. You will notice that it will tighten more than expected. Make the corset snug again. And wear it for another 2 hours. Snug the corset again.


This slow and gradual tightening makes corset breaking in and wearing much easier. 


Your corset will start to shape to your body. This is your corset. And should not be shared with anyone else, they will not fit properly to your body if you do so.


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